Questions from All Ireland Scór Tráth na gCeist

Below are the questions from last weekend’s All Ireland Scór Ná nÓg  Tráth na gCeist fnal. The Aghabullogue team, representing Cork scored 76 out of 80. The winning team, Kerry scored 78. How many can you answer?



  1. Who sponsors the men’s All-Ireland Senior Club Football Championship?


  1. Who captained the Irish International Rules team against Australia in 2015?


  1. What size or number football is used in Ladies senior football?


  1. What college won the Sigerson Cup in 2015?


  1. How many teams took part in the 2015 All-Ireland Men’s Senior Football Championship?


  1. What is the name of the trophy awarded to the winners of the International Rules Series?


  1. How many All-Ireland senior football titles did Cork ladies win from 2005 to 2015 inclusive?



  1. Cén club a bhuaigh Corn Andy Merrigan i 2015?






  1. What county won the National Hurling League Division 1 in 2015?



  1. What is the name of the All-Ireland club festival, organised by the GAA, in camogie and hurling, comprising players who are under the age of 14?



  1. What is the hurling equivalent to the Sigerson Cup?



  1. What supermarket group sponsors the All-Ireland senior hurling championship?



  1. Who was the senior hurler of the year in 2015?



  1. What is the name of the trophy awarded to the All-Ireland Senior camogie champions?



  1. In what US city did Dublin & Galway play a hurling match on November 22nd, 2015?



  1. Cén chontae a bhuaigh Corn Lory Meagher san iomáint i 2015?





  1. Who sponsors Hawkeye in Croke Park?



  1. Name the type of wood used in the manufacture of hurleys?



  1. Who is the Director General of the GAA?



  1. The Irish national hurling team play against Scotland in a sport similar to hurling. Name that sport?


  1. What are the GAA colours of Fermanagh?



  1. Who was manager of the Irish International Rules team against Australia in 2015?



  1. How many years is the term of office of the president of the GAA?



  1. Cén chontae ina bhfuil Páirc Tailteann?




  1. What political party was founded in Ireland in 1926 by Eamon de Valera?



  1. Which famous Irish siege lasted 105 days to July 1689?



  1. In what Italian city did Daniel O’Connell die in 1847?



  1. What general landed 1000 men at Killala in 1798?



  1. Which of the years of the Great Famine of 1845-49 was known as Black?



  1. The 1st Dáil met in 1919 in what Dublin building?



  1. What people landed in Bannow Bay Co Wexford in 1169?



  1. Cén t-ainm a bhí ar an ard rí a mharaíodh ag Cath Cluain Tarbh sa bhliain1014?





  1. Who was the 1st man on the moon?



  1. That Battle of Hastings of 1066 was fought in what country?



  1. Name the Italian explorer, born in Genoa in 1451, who sailed to America in 1492?



  1. Only one country in the world begins with the letter Q. Name it?



  1. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in what continent?



  1. The Suez Canal links the Mediterranean Sea with what other sea?



  1. Sacremento is the capital of which US state?



  1. Tá trí dath i mbrat na Gearmáine, Dearg, buí nó ór agus? Ainmnigh an tríú dath?






  1. Ireland’s prevailing wind blows from what direction?



  1. Sandstone and shale are rocks found in Ireland. To what group of rocks do they belong?



  1. What shape are the columns of basalt in the Giant’s Causeway?



  1. Ardee, Carlingford and Dunleer are in what county?



  1. What major river flows through the town of Carlow?



  1. Name the highest waterfall in Ireland?



  1. Ailwee Cave in the Burren has features such as stalagmites and stalactites. Does a stalagmite hang from the roof or rise from the floor in a cave? Hang or rise?



  1. Ainmnigh an loch is mó ar an Sionann?







  1. Name the Ulster golfer named as the Ryder Cup captain for 2016?



  1. What was the name of the new James Bond film released in Ireland in 2015?



  1. Who will represent Ireland at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest?



  1. Les Kiss was appointed fulltime director of rugby in what province in 2015?


  1. Bradley Walsh presents what quiz show on TV, which also features the Beast?



  1. What Irish country star had a No.1 album in 2015 with One Good Night?



  1. How many seconds did it take Conor McGregor to beat Jose Aldo in December 2015?



  1. Cá mbeidh Fleadh Ceoil na hÉireann i 2016?






  1. What former Chelsea footballer married Christine Bleakely in 2015?



  1. A climate change agreement was approved in what city in 2015?



  1. Name the singer who passed away on January 10th this year. (His new album is called Blackstar)?



  1. What version of Windows was released to consumers by Microsoft in 2015?



  1. Bobbi Kristina Brown died in July 2015 aged 22. She was the daughter of what famous singer who died in 2012. Name the singer?            



  1. An earthquake hit what Asian country on April 25th 2015 killing nearly 9000 people?



  1. Adele reach top of the charts again in 2015. What is her surname?



  1. Tá Francois Hollande ina uachtarán ar cén tír?








  1. Which of the following four writers didn’t win a Nobel Prize?

James Joyce/Samuel Beckett/George Bernard Shaw/W.B. Yeats.    



  1. Who was known Mary of the Gael?



  1. What song written by Steve Earle did Mundy & Sharon Shannon take to the top of the charts?



  1. How many children were in the Children of Lir?



  1. What is the main ingredient in the Irish dish Boxty?



  1. In Ireland, on what date are you likely to encounter the wrenboys?



  1. What Irish poet wrote Midterm Break?



  1. Cén dáta ina mbíonn Oíche Shamhna again?






  1. In the books about Harry Potter, what is the first name of Harry’s father?



  1. What colour is the cross on the flag of Greece?



  1. What car manufacturer has the slogan ‘the best built cars in the world’?



  1. Caledonia was the Roman name for what country?



  1. Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?



  1. There are four major blood groups in humans, A, B, O. Name the 4th?



  1. Who built the famous Model T car?



  1. Cén sórt ainmhithe iad Borzoi, Boxer agus Beagle?





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