1. What political party was founded in Ireland in 1926 by Eamon de Valera?

Fianna Fáil


  1. Which famous Irish siege lasted 105 days to July 1689?



  1. In what Italian city did Daniel O’Connell die in 1847?



  1. What general landed 1000 men at Killala in 1798?

Humbert (Jean Joseph Amable)


  1. Which of the years of the Great Famine of 1845-49 was known as Black?



  1. The 1st Dáil met in 1919 in what Dublin building?

            The Mansion House


  1. What people landed in Bannow Bay Co Wexford in 1169?

The Normans


  1. Cén t-ainm a bhí ar an ard rí a mharaíodh ag Cath Cluain Tarbh sa bhliain1014?

            Brian Boru


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