Community Council Letter to Voters re Election 2016

Following a special meeting of the Aghabullogue, Coachford Rylane Community Council last week it was agreed to draft this letter to you to make our community aware of unresolved and pressing issues which have been raised to our local politicians over the last number of months and years. Below is a list of issues in each area that need urgent attention. We would encourage you to raise these items with those seeking your support as they canvass our community between now and Election Day. As a community we need to work together to get these issues resolved. It is important that those seeking the role of representing us are made aware what is expected of them if they get elected by us to Dail Eireann.


  •  Applied for two grants to get one extra class room and an additional toilet for the main class room. Awaiting approval for this development.
  •  Erection of street lighting in the vicinity of the hall and within the boundaries of the Welcome to Aghabullogue signs.


  • Work must begin immediately on upgrading the Inadequate sewerage facilitates which are hindering development.
  • Flooding issues in the village must be addressed.
  • Promised Footpath from Fr.Sheehan place to the National School to be installed.
  • Access to the two schools to be made safer by removing the dangerous corner at the junction near Dairygold.
  • Widening and resurfacing of the R619 road between Coachford and Peak.


  • Completion of the public footpath.
  • Repairs and upgrading of the water pipes in the village area
  • Upgrading of Public lighting in the area and new public lighting for the around the school and hall.
  • Improved road signage for the Convent cross and lower cross in Mountrivers as well as proper road markings.
  • Implementation of weight restrictions for Sean’s Lane.

Finally the roads across the community and parish are in a terrible state of disrepair as a result of lack of investment over the years. Despite promises from politicians of investing in rural communities and speeches of how the fabric of rural Ireland is important to them we belive unless we get a firm commitment from our representatives in the new Government on delivering on the issues listed above our community will suffer and will stagnate. If there is no growth our schools and businesses will be unable to thrive and we must not allow that to happen. Please do your best to get a firm commitment from the canvassers that they will work for our community.

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