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Coachford Greenway is a haven for nudists

Coachford Greenway is to become one of only four walkways in Ireland that will be open for nudist walkers and runners this summer. This initiative is being put in place to attract more tourists to Ireland.

The popular River Lee walk in Coachford has been chosen by the Irish Naturist Association as one of the pilot sites in the country to cater for those wishing to walk and run nude in the natural environment.   The Greenway will be open to nudists every Wednesday morning from May to September. ” This is great news for those of  us that love to go natural as we exercise. Up to now we have to wait until we go abroad to walk naked in the countryside but with four places in Ireland now being designated  ‘Nudist walkways’ this will mean that we can enjoy the activity nearer home” said Cork naturist, Michael Jones.

The walkway will be off limits to those wearing clothes on Wednesdays from 10am to noon from May 2nd to September 26th.  It will however be open to anglers as they normally have their backs to the walkway as they fish. However the local fishermen have complained to the those who came up with this idea.The Chairperson of the River Anglers, Mr. Enda Knip said ” we are not a bit happy that on one day every week naked people will be walking up and down the riverbank and could upset our members who will be doing their best to hook slippery eels and other fish while this sort of carry on is going on behind their backs.

Concerns have also been raised by local walkers , farmers and rowers. All are fearful that they may see more that they wish if they come across the nudist walkers. ” We don’t need this type of carry on here. That kind of stuff is alright for the continent where it is warm but the naked walkers could get pneumonia or shrivel up and die here with our weather. There can be a cold whore of a wind come up the river from the east even in the height of the summer. I hope these nudists can stick it out”, said Willie Moore of the local walking group.

The Foraging Local Organic Produce Ireland  (FLOPI) group are concerned that the blackberry bushes on the walk will be strimmed back to facilitate the nudists. “This has been done in other areas where country walks have been open to naked walkers as the local authorities are afraid that the walkers will get pricked by the bushes”.

The designation of the Coachford Greenway as a nudist walkway is expected to be a great boost for tourism in the area. German nudist tourists are expected to come to Ireland in their hundreds this summer to enjoy the new routes in Cork, Dublin, Mayo and Leitrim.

The Cork Naked Walking group can be contacted by ringing 021 4928523.

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