A letter to our friends and neighbours overseas

All The Ways You Wander

It’s great seeing so many people who live and work overseas home for Christmas. The village is buzzing with the excitement of the holidays and with so many people returning home for a few weeks it adds to the whole atmosphere. But for all those that are home there are still many more of you that remain away from home and you are missed.  

Our Village is improving every day, it is a vibrant, hard working place full of proud people with great traditions in sport and business. We continue to face what life throws at us and we are determined to keep going and to make sure Coachford grows, but you are missed.

When the pubs bustle with people at this and other  times of the year, you are missed. When the matches are played and we win or lose, you are missed. At the Autumn Festival Weekend, you are missed. When the Corpus Christie Procession takes place, you are missed. At weddings, Christenings and even funerals ,you are missed.

You see, although all of us here get on with life there is a little bit of the heart of the village that remains overseas with you. Our village, like many others around the country is emptier, bleaker, quieter without you. . We miss seeing you, talking with you, having the craic, finding out how things are going with you , learning more about the new people in your life. Facebook, Skype and all the other stuff is great but it will never make up for you being here.

No matter how long ago you left the area and how long you remain away we think of you often and look forward to seeing you again. We wait to see you coming in the door of the pub, to see you on the street or turning up to a local wedding. We know that it is not easy for you to come home but when you get here you will be welcomed back with open arms and until that day please know that you are thought of often and remembered especially at this time of year.


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Community Website to promote Coachford and to let those who are away from home know what is happening in the beautiful village of Coachford.
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