Well done to Aghabullogue Under 16 footballers

Well done to Aghabullogue Under 16 footballers for their unbelievable display on Monday night in the East Region under 16 B championship final. The boys were losing to a superb Cill na Martra side by 6 goals and 9 points to 4 points at half time. However Aghabullogue never gave up or never dropped their heads although they could have been forgiven for doing so. Instead they came out in the second half determined to win the final 30 minutes and they did. The boys in green and white scored a massive 2 goals and 9 points to Cill na Martra’s 1 goal and 2 points. Aghabullogue may have went home without the trophy but they can certainly hold their heads high for the way they set about their task and the way they dealt with such a formidable team as Cill na Martra. The boys from the west were great footballers, skillful in every area, brave, tenacious and committed and it is easy to see how they were so successful during the last few years in underage football in the region, what is difficult to understand is why their club and ‘Rebel Óg’ insisted that they play in the B grade  this year. What or who were Cill na Marta afraid of? There is no doubt they will win the Under 16 B county title this year . There is no doubt that will again pick up at least two trophies in the B grade again this year but at what cost to their players. These fine footballers from Cill na Martra are good enough for the A grade, in fact they could well win the A title but their club officials thought it was better for them to be guaranteed to win something in a lower division than to try and challenge them to aim for something higher, something greater. Their decision has done a great injustice to those young men. In years to come when the players look back at the great team they were part of, they may well regret the fact that they could have achieved so much more but for the short sightedness and fears of their mentors and officials. Aghabullogue Abú

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3 Responses to Well done to Aghabullogue Under 16 footballers

  1. jim says:

    Got knocked out in first round of u15b east championship last year. Get the facts right lads!

  2. jim says:

    take this fucking thing down.not fucking true.being sour cunts is all that is. aghabullogue should be in fucking c cus dere shit

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