Cowardly emails

We received a comment on the recent vandalism at the Millennium Park and we would like to publish this persons comments on the Coachford News page as I’m sure the Tidy Towns committee would take constructive criticism but not putting a name to an email is a bit cowardly (almost as bad as spilling flowers out and running away!) We’re not sure why you have so much anger for the efforts of the Tidy Towns group, they are a new group with very little resources and really seem to be trying hard to improve the village in some way.

You obviously have very strong opinions about how the village could be improved. May we suggest you get involved in the group and point out where they could do things better or even fundraise for them or better still donate some money to them so they could get ‘actual’ flowerpots. At least you share common ground with the committee when you stated that you are ‘glad these simpletons didn’t do it earlier’ – at least that’s a start!

This culchie (your words) village of ours, you included, need more people to get involved and less people sitting at home finding fault with everything around them. So please stop whinging and moaning and complaining and hiding behind anonymous e-mails and do something useful.

If you’re from Coachford, get involved. If you’re not, then stop being jealous of our village and find some place you’re happy with.

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Community Website to promote Coachford and to let those who are away from home know what is happening in the beautiful village of Coachford.
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