Scarecrow competition rules & guidelines

  1. Anyone is welcome to enter the scarecrow competition!
  2. To participate, entrants must submit completed registration forms and have their scarecrows on display by the required time.
  3. Minimum height of one meter


  1. All scarecrows must be built from scratch by the entrant (no commercial creations allowed


  1. Creativity and originality – judges will be looking for scarecrows with that little bit extra, it may be the materials used, the way the scarecrow has been made, how the scarecrow is displayed, or simply a fantastic idea that catches the judges eye.


  1. You can use any materials you like to build your scarecrow, there are no restrictions – with just one exception: pre-moulded or commercially available face masks ARE NOT permitted.


  1. All Scarecrows must be made and displayed in good taste. Any entrant designing their scarecrow to cause deliberate offence will be disqualified.


  1. All scarecrows must be displayed at the front of your property and should be positioned so as it is unnecessary for anyone to access your property in order to view them. They must also be secured in a manner that they will not blow away and will not otherwise be a danger to or possibly cause injury to anyone. The ‘Coachford Community Association Competition Committee’ will not be held responsible for any damage to Third Party property caused by the creation or insecurity of scarecrows. Owners are held solely responsible for the safety and security of their scarecrow(s).



  1. Finally… The most important rule: Make sure you enjoy yourselves!



  1. Only scarecrows registered in time will be considered by the judges.
  2. Judges will be selected by the committee.


  1. The scarecrow committees’ and judges’ interpretation of these rules (and any decisions made by them) are absolutely final – and can’t be challenged!
  2. The rules are subject to change at any time (without notice).
  3. By entering the scarecrow competition you confirm that you accept these rules.



STUCK FOR IDEAS? Here are some useful web addresses.

Also ‘YouTube’ has many ideas and tutorials that may help!

Scarecrows have been part of our farming heritage forever and a day. Their practical purpose in the fields is to scare birds which might otherwise eat the seeds or damage young crops.

For those without Internet access here are some useful scarecrow building tips!

Getting started A scarecrow is simple to make and will provide a great opportunity for the whole family or a group to share in its creation. Each one will be individual and you’ll be surprised at the personality they take on. Thinking of a name also helps to develop their character.

First create a basic design and gather your material together. A traditional scarecrow was usually a crossed timber figure that was dressed and stuffed to give him volume. If you have never made a scarecrow before, you have a real treat in store. How to make a simple scarecrow What you need: Two pieces of timber, one slightly longer than the other. Nails or screws and string or wire. An old pillow case, tights or a small flour bag for the head. Needle and thread or stapler. Straw, or other material for stuffing. Clothes, from a local charity shop or from your own wardrobe! Building your scarecrow Attach the two pieces of timber together to form a cross. Make sure that the arms are not too long for a shirt or jacket to be put on later.

If you are using stockings for the head, cut off the legs and put one inside the other for extra strength. Stuff it in the shape of a head. Tie the head loosely at the neck end. Paint a face on with acrylic paint or permanent marker, or stitch features with wool or thread. Slide the head onto the short end of the vertical pole, then attach to the body by tying with string or wire. An old football, gourds or cut out discs could also be used for heads.

From here, use your own creativity. Drape any clothing onto the poles, stuff and tie off at the wrist, ankles and waist. Attach strands of wool, straw or other fibre under a hat. Tie gloves to the outstretched ends of the crossbar… and above all remember rule 9!!